SWEDU pitches

Here are the top 9 pitches … 36 hours to go before launch.


Last night was HUUUGE.

Sydney made history by being the first city in Australia to host Startup Weekend Education and bringing the global Startup Education movement to it’s 6th continent.

And what a night it was …

Over 100 attendees rocked up to the event. the excitement in the room was palpable.

25 brave ones pitched their ideas.

After a couple of rounds of voting and educator validation 9 teams formed last night ..

In no particular order, here they are:

  1. NAO ACADEMY – Platform bringing students & businesses together to learn, develop & network
  2. SMART MONEY – Financial education for  kids
  3. OLGA INC – Role play based tutoring for English as a second language
  4. EDUMAL – Education for animals. No animal left behind 😉
  5. MIRACLE TRAIN – Mass customization for MOOCs
  6. GENERATION ENTREPRENEUR – Entrpreneurship education for the next generation
  7. OBESITY AWARENESS – obesity awareness and education for school kids to fight the epidemic
  8. NAVI – Empowering not-for-profits internally with skills improvement
  9. FORKED EDUCATION – forkable course content

Will have more updates throughout the day.

Good luck teams and remember NO TALK … JUST ACTION