Meet the Sydney SWEDU 2014 Teams – How far have they progressed?


The First Australian Startup Weekend Education was a massive success!

For the statisticians among us, here are the raw numbers:

• Over 100 attendees came to the Friday night pitches.

• 60 were SWEDU participants. Rest were viewers.

• 25 participants pitched on the night.

• 10 teams were formed.

• 4 teams have already begun the startup formation process. Potentially 7 might form by the end of the first week.

We are very excited to catch up on all the exciting stuff that the SWEDU teams have been working on since the event.

So join the Sydney Educational Technology Group for an evening of introductions, reunions, brainstorming, networking and support. The event is open to everyone passionate about the education space and interested in applying technology to solve current problems in the education sector.

Feel free to join us, chat, share ideas and have fun networking 

As always there will be free beer and pizza.

SydEduTech Meetup

Where: Fishburners, 608 Harris Street, Ultimo, 2007

When: 5th August 2014